A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt – Stores & Hints

That’s right, tomorrow is December 1st which means that A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt is in its final countdown to begin!  Here is the final list of merchants participating in the hunt.  Hints will be added to this blog as I receive them from the merchants so make sure you check back if you are reading this before I add them in.

1. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Hint: I loves christmas ♥
2. Skin Deep/Little Pricks  Hint: All I want is to break free of the prison that holds me.
3. Avante Poses Hint:  Completing your collection of poses isnt finished till you find the snowman inside the tree [After Friday 12.9.11, this store will apparently no longer exist, they decided to close in the middle of my hunt. -.-] SKIP
4. ..::Rasetsukoku::..  Hint: Check the in-world store hint giver.
5. SAKIDE  Hint: Sit and look in the mirror
6. [ni.Ju]
7. Repulse
8. Jabberwocky  Hint: The Mad Hatter has a drinking problem!
9. *JD* Design
10. Contraption
11. The PlastikHint: Guys: Bluebird, bluebird, dont eat it before they get to it! —Girls: Hanging hanging there, That’s not how a tree is supposed to look.

NOTE: Aikea, has recently lost her ENTIRE hard drive, 6 years worth of work gone! She is having a half off sale to help raise the money for it to be repaired! So if you love The Plastik as much as I do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE contribute to the repair of her hard drive!

12. [House of Usher]
13. Spirit Store
14. DAMNED  HintFind me where i should be! merry Xmas!
15. ::{Favole}::  Hint:  Sit down and relax for a bit!
16. Diesel Works Poses & Animations Hint: Chairs Are Where the People Go
17. ::Gehenna::  Hint: You know, I didn’t think that souffle could look any better, but that little tree adds something!
18. [Acide!]No longer in the hunt-apparently this isn’t important enough for them to bother with. kthnx.
19. KristicA
20. NV Hint: Frosty is hungry for a treat of pine.
21. [EY:NO] Hint: playtime
22. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~  Hint: Sometimes you get so much on my nerves that i would like to *kill you*.
24. :Fiction and Chaos:
25. Blah.
26. Eternal Darkness  Hint: “is it oil i smell?”
27. .HoD.  Hint: “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…” *sings*
29. NightshadeSKIP
30. Anatomy–inside SHUSH-js
31. Nox.  Hint: Let me pose for you!
32. Koketka
33. [DIAMOND]  Hint:  Girls love pink curtains.
34. .:Furore:.No longer in the hunt, thanks for the information in the comments!
35. …:::Scrub:::…

Happy Hunting.

❤ Rogue

6 responses to “A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt – Stores & Hints

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  3. Just stopped at .:Furore:. and there is a sign up saying that they’ve been hacked and that there are no more hunt items (or anything at all) there. Just thought I’d let you know.

    On another note, thanks so much for this hunt ^___^

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