Houston. We are go.

Welcome Hunters!

To My Rotting Valentine Hunt! Below is the hunt list along with hints!

I hope everyone enjoys the hunt as much as I enjoyed organizing it!

Off we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………….

1. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*: I like to eat alone. Under my stairs. WTF.

2. Skin Deep/Little Pricks: Sit with me by the sea and have a bite to eat.

3. SAKIDE: is that Crux inverted?

4. ni.Ju: Are you socially active?

5. Contraption: Let me play you the song of my people.

6. SOURIRES-: Love under shirts

7. *Epic*: Accessorize yourself!

8. REPULSE: Redrum

9. NV: I like eating under benches.

10. Toxic Kitty: How the hell did that get up there?

11. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~: Omg, you’re such an annoying person! *Shut up*!

12. Sticky Fingers: Lets find the meaning of love on google perhaps?


14. 20.FIVE

15. Diesel Works Poses & Animations: Gifts can crawl, climb and fly even!

16. Holli Pocket: Have a seat!

17. ::Gehenna:::


19. Jabberwocky: The King demands respect! That’s why he carries his GAVEL OF DOOM

20. WOoT

21. ** Sugar & Cyanide **: He might tell you if you ask nicely.

22. Yulicie: OMG It’s hot here! i think better open the window.

23. House of Usher

24. ..::Rasetsukoku::..

25. Eternal Darkness: Its a right dogs dinner this is..

26. Nox.: Zebra is my favorite pattern.

27. Death Row Designslove doesnt make you blind, its a complete handicap.

28. Scrub

And thats the end of my short and sweet hunt! I hope everyone enjoys their gifts!

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank you to all the merchants who participated in this hunt, it was unbelievably smooth and I credit you all for that. You all fucking rock.

❤ Rogue

My Rotting Valentine Hunt!

Now accepting applications for:

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* would like to invite you to:

My Rotting Valentine Hunt.

This is a hunt geared towards the bloody, morbid, gothic, emo, dark things you never see at Valentines.

It will run from February 4th – March 4th.

This is a invitation only hunt, if you do not receive an invitation and you wish to apply please submit an application to Rogue Falconer.

There will be no: resellers, business in a box, templated stores, original designs only.


Participating Merchants as of Jan 15th:

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe – SAKIDE – DIAMOND – REPULSE – Eternal Darkness – House of Usher – Holli Pocket – 2.0 FIVE – SOURIRES – ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – ::Gehenna:: – Sticky Fingers -Skin Deep/Little Pricks – Jabberwocky – Nox. – Sugar & Cyanide – Diesel Works Poses – Ni.Ju – Death Row Designs – NV – Scrub – Epic – Toxic Kitty – GENRE – Yulicie – ..::Rasetsukoku::.. – WOoT